Cleveland Hope Center | Our Vision
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Our Vision

“What has always impacted me the most,” says Jim Wilkes, Lead Pastor of Journey Community Church, “was not how people helped us; it was how they gave so generously without ever asking for anything in return. It was grace in action!” Jim grew up like many kids in Cleveland; in a state of poverty, wondering whether or not there would be enough food for the week. His experience has been a driving force behind our desire to help those in need.

Our Heart

We have facilitated many different outreaches over the years. From backpack giveaways to school age children, clothing drives for women’s prisons, serving and resourcing food banks, and working with charity organizations, they’re a group of people who have a strong desire to serve those in need. This is why we are launching the Cleveland Hope Center.


The Center

The Cleveland Hope Center is a non-profit organization, launching in 2016/2017, that will provide resources for food, job placement, counseling, and other various charity services to those in need.

Hope is Rising

The Cleveland Hope Center will also go beyond providing basic necessities. At the Cleveland Hope Center, we hope to provide counseling for families, job training/life skills for individuals, and tools to help people break the cycle of poverty.


Hope is rising in Cleveland!